Make your bathroom more eco-friendly

If you’ve decided to make your bathroom more eco-friendly, it’s not that difficult to do. Brighten the room up by using modern fixtures. Take some time to shop around to find new bathroom furniture such as cabinets made from organic materials. Vanity unit tops are available in stone, wood or glass giving a modern look. They are also better for the environment rather than using MDF or acrylic for example.


Most eco-friendly bathrooms have showers. If there’s a vinyl shower curtain, get rid of it as they give off dangerous fumes when burned and can also be toxic. There are lots of non PVC shower curtains to choose from, plain or patterned, or better still install a screen. Shower screens will last longer, are easy to keep clean and environmental friendly.


Lighting in the bathroom is also very important. Make fantastic savings by installing LED bulbs wherever possible. Not only will they help to save the planet, these types of bulbs are very efficient as their energy turns into light rather than heat. Create a fabulous look in your new bathroom with LED lighting, a great way to make the room more eco-friendly.

Saving Water

Save money, save water by turning the tap off especially when brushing teeth or washing hands. This simple exercise can save up to eight gallons of water each day. If shaving, the amount can go up to ten gallons of water. Fit tap aerators to mix the water with air which will help to save more water.